Northwest UUC Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Our congregation creates loving community, inspires joy and spiritual growth, and supports courageous action.

Ethical action

  • Our congregation will continue to practice respect for the earth and the interdependent web of all existence.

  • We will stand on the side of love to build justice in the world by joining with allies against racism and oppression.

  • Northwest will not only provide support and resources for other organizations, but will be actively engaged in developing and implementing its own social justice actions.

  • We covenant with each other to develop deeper fellowship even as we challenge each other to live our values and to grow spiritually, intellectually, and personally.

Welcoming and Renewal

  • We will reach out to attract visitors and welcome new members to the congregation.

  • Northwest will improve our buildings and grounds so that we can have better space for fellowship and worship.

  • Our congregation will continue to build a strong religious education program for children, youth, and also for adults.

  • We will welcome young families, children, and youth to be integral parts of the congregation.


  • Northwest will be a beacon for Unitarian Universalism and will effectively represent our liberal spiritual values by taking courageous action in the world

  • We will also serve as a refuge and place of healing and spiritual growth.

  • Our congregation is deeply rooted in our current location; we will care for and improve our space so that we can thrive here.

  • Northwest will grow our financial resources, so that we can continue to meet our mission and goals.